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Lawbreaking is a fact of life, and here at Principal Security we know the real cost of crime is not just what they take, it is what they leave behind. A well-maintained system is more than an adequate deterrent, they also defend your site, deny access, and detect intruders; offering protection for your property and help you avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim.

Many sites still insist on using Barbed Wire as a perimeter boundary? Yes, it is a cheap option, yes it can hinder access to a site; but it is designed to puncture the skin, and when punctured, a person will naturally pull away, this can rip the skin, causing serious injury. The very design of Barbed Wire fencing is inappropriate for humans and animals as it is intended to injure. While this is still widely accepted in the UK, many Countries have moved towards more humane containment methods, such as PIDS. Although we work with many variants of PIDS, including Acoustic cable detection systems, Microwave detection systems, and Point to point detection systems, we specialise in Pulsed Electrified Perimeter Systems (PEPS). Throughout the past nine years, our expertise has been adopted by the major manufacturers throughout the country. For example, a major energy supplier’s fenceline was inoperable for 15 years; the manufacturer sought our team, and we had the whole system fully operational within one week; it is still running today.

The general question we are asked is, “Are electric fences legal?

Yes, they are; so long as they are installed and maintained according to British Standards.

As well as working on perimeter systems, we also take on board service and maintenance of CCTV and access control. Along with the physical side of security, we offer general security advice; please feel free to get in touch for more information; just click the Contact tab above the 'WE WILL REMEMBER THEM' banner.