What We Do, And Why We Do It

Principal Security are a local organisation, with a nationwide reach

Using our network of affiliates, we can cover any area of the UK with ease; even further if required. Between us, we have over 100 years of experience in the security industry; running successful individual companies, and more recently as a subcontract team, working the security installation circuit. Throughout our careers, we have practiced and honed our electronic and management skills, utilising various mentors as required. As you can imagine, we have built up a network of individual installation specialists, each is a professional in their own field. Our own product training has included the following manufacturers:








Dedicated Micros


Fibre Options



Harper Chalice



Northern Computers
















The above list is by no means exhaustive.

Anyone can fit a system badly; only with experience and dedication can it be fit well, time and time again. Through the years, we have accrued a wealth of experience and a list of nationwide contacts; these contacts are all first-class engineers in their own right. The list together with the technical departments of many manufacturers gives us an almost bottomless library of knowledge which allows us to work on a varied array of equipment, professionally and to very high standards.

As a team, we prefer larger projects; however, if required we will tackle even the smallest of installations; both will be completed to the same high standard. It goes without saying; if and when we find an obstacle we will always let the client know the details, together with a working solution. This work ethic allows us to complete the task in hand, on time and in budget. It has the added bonus of giving the project manager a hassle free, professionally installed job - Every time!



BAE Surface Fleet Solutions, Glasgow

The installation of a new CCTV system and integration of the perimeter alarms at the ship building sites of Govan and Scotstoun. We installed further security measures at Govan, including turnstile access control and multi-zone fence alarm. In addition to the above we carried out the installation of launch safety cameras on board two type 45 destroyers, monitored from the bridge, then removed for storage.

BAE Submarine Solutions, Barrow-In-Furness

We were tasked to carry out a full site survey, followed by the upgrade and repair of an existing CCTV system, including the wireless link to the local airport. It was imperative to complete this task prior to the arrival of sensitive nuclear material. The majority of the cameras were above 20m, including one at around 60m.

HMY Britannia, Edinburgh

This popular visitor attraction in Leith, houses many high value pieces; consequently it has to have a state of the art security system. This not only has to function correctly all the time; without fail, but it must also be pleasing to the eye. We installed the CCTV and alarm system, integrating them both together for maximum effect.

Diageo Global Supply, Scotland

Initially we were asked to install a new CCTV system to their Hurlford site, this quickly turned in to a rollout, and we continued through Kilmarnock, Leven and onto Shieldhall. As a consequence, we were asked to provide integrated CCTV and perimeter protection to the Menstrie and Cambus sites, these were both to be monitored by Blackgrange. In addition, we have carried out all the on site security systems training, as required.

During 2006 Diageo Global Supply signed up to a joint (US) government-business initiative called C-TPAT, for this they were required to conduct a comprehensive self-assessment of supply chain security using the C-TPAT security guidelines. Our assistance was sought in the upgrade of the many miles of perimeter security of the above sites.

Glenmorangie, Broxburn

Here, we installed both internal and external CCTV, utilising DVR technology and networking. On site safety is of paramount importance; we were often called upon, to work in highly flammable locations; therefore the CCTV was not only for security but also as an active safety measure.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society required security cameras on their central Edinburgh site, we were asked to install a system that could be monitored by the Broxburn site.

Chivas Regal, Linwood

We were required to install an integrated perimeter alarm and CCTV system to protect the automated export distribution centre. We used modern passive infrared technology connected directly into fully functional dome heads, which responded by going to a pre-determined position and sending a reply back to the matrix and on to the DVR, to adjust the frame rate as required.

CITB, Glasgow

The system installed included CCTV to monitor the internal training areas and the external scaffolding hanger; access control to protect the staff office areas, and a full intruder alarm system. As you can imagine, we were governed by the strictest of health and safety rules.

BP North Sea Headquarters, Aberdeen

The installation of a fully integrated CCTV; alarm and video entry system was required in their prestigious new build headquarters. The integrated system was complimented by state-of-the-art access control, including internal and external readers and barriers. The whole system is networked around the site and is capable of being monitored off site too.

Orange Data Centre, Exeter

The site required a user friendly but high security solution, we were tasked to install CCTV and access control; using both card readers and biometric readers to the core sensitive area. The system was to be monitored remotely as well as on site.

St. Jamesís Place, Cirencester

Our expertise was requested at St. Jamesís Place to install a full security solution in their new headquarters. Here, we provided CCTV; access control and intruder alarm systems. The systems went in without a hitch and on time.

Alea Casino, Glasgow

Casinos are challenging environments for security systems. Here, the main objective was to ensure that the decor and lighting design for the casino was not compromised by the security system, while still enabling high quality video and audio to be recorded from many cameras. Although the build was running behind schedule, we managed to install the complicated CCTV and audio systems as required.

North Staffordshire Hospital, Stoke-On-Trent

The North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust covers two main sites, the City General and the Royal Infirmary, incorporating substantial areas of public and staff car parking. We installed a new state-of-the art CCTV system, which incorporates around 80 cameras site-wide, 35 of which cover external areas and 42 internal. The system was designed to operate using fibre-optic transmission technology, using almost 6km of fibre optic cables.

Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh

Because of the layout of their fountainbridge site, they required an overall solution which was capable of recording any breach of security and alerting a patrolling security guard that his presence is required. We installed fully functional CCTV domes integrated to the perimeter alarm system. Further measures included an automated paging system, which was designed to be called in the event of a visitor arriving on site. The paging system was enhanced by a fully networked access control system.

The Scottish Parliament building, Edinburgh

Although the Holyrood building opened three years late and at £431m cost, 10 times over budget, we were asked to install the infrastructure for a mobile telephone network. This had to be invisible as the MSPs and more importantly, the general public take tours around this prestigious site.

911 Recovery, Scotland

After a number of high value break-ins, the management team from 911 Recovery decided to find a solution which not only detects but bites back. We installed a PulseSecureTM Electrified Fence System, which was fully integrated with two new Panasonic dome cameras.

First Hydro, Llanberis, Snowdonia

Dinorwig Power Station is a major provider to the national grid. We reinstalled a PulseSecureTM Electrified Fence System around the surge pond, midway up the mountain.

Sky TV, Scotland

We were asked to upgrade the access control systems in the call centre sites at Livingston and Dunfermline. All fire exit doors were added, and the system controls changed to bring them online and be controllable on a national basis.

DB Schenker, Nuneaton

They are a major player in the freight handling industry. We were called in to upgrade their Nuneaton depot CCTV system; we installed 14 new cameras and replaced many others. The control gear was all replaced, and a comprehensive training program was undertaken.

235 Casino, Manchester

Casinos are challenging environments for security systems. On the back of our success in Alea Glasgow, we were asked to carryout a major table move. Including all cameras and microphones, the control gear was also remapped and upgraded as necessary.



Although a number of our projects have required extra manpower, we have easily been able to accommodate this by calling on our nationwide network of specialist engineers. Using our combined knowledge base and attention to detail; we have succeeded in all we attempt.

We follow this work ethic:

We must be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear, favour or prejudice to the rights of our client. We must strive to install systems fully, as per the manufacturerís instructions, thus reducing the overall cost to our client, and, as far as we can, ensure the end user gets the systems they have paid for.

We need to be professional, calm, and restrained in the face of adversity and apply only that detail, which is necessary to accomplish our lawful duty. We must respond to well-found criticism with a willingness to change.